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What is Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is a game where you combine elements to create other interesting elements. You start with four basic elements: air, water, fire, and earth. You must mix them to discover the rest of the 610 elements. All combinations are little riddles to solve. A very fun game that will keep you entertained for hours.

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What can you find in this Little Alchemy guide?

In this guide we show you all the combinations of Little Alchemy´s elements. You can search for elements in our search engine or view all elements here to see the step by step and everything you can create with that element. We hope that it helps you to find the elements that you cannot find, although you can always not look at it and discover them for yourself.

How do I find missing items in Little Alchemy?

There is no established order to discover the elements of Little Alchemy, therefore we recommend that you compare the elements that you have discovered with the list on our website to see which one you are missing.

To do this you can go to the game library to see the elements that you have discovered. Don't forget to disable the "Hide final library items" option in the game settings to be able to see them.

What are the most valuable elements in Little Alchemy?

The most valuable elements are those that can be combined with other elements most often. In Little Alchemy, the 5 most valuable elements are:

  • Human (82 combinations)
  • Bird (41 combinations)
  • Water (40 combinations)
  • House (36 combinations)
  • Metal (36 combinations)

  • Where can I play Little Alchemy?

    Little Alchemy is available for Android and IOS, and it also has a web version. You can download the app for free from the PlayStore or AppStore here:

    Download Little Alchemy from PlayStore Download Little Alchemy from AppStore

    Are there more Little Alchemy games?

    Yes, due to the great success of this game, Recloak developed Little Alchemy 2. This second game has more elements, a fresh new art style, and fantastic music.

    Little Alchemy 2 includes:

  • A totally new library.
  • A vibrant art style.
  • An original soundtrack.
  • An encyclopedia with great article descriptions.

  • You can download the Little Alchemy 2 app from the PlayStore or AppStore here:

    Download Little Alchemy 2 from PlayStore Download Little Alchemy 2 from AppStore